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It's the 21st century, so it was time to take advantage of DNA and science to learn more about myself and my unique needs and limitations. Dr. Turner makes it so simple! She is a great advocate, someone who collaborates with my others doctors to ensure I get the best of care and medicine that works the best, for me. I give Tarheel PGx Consulting my highest recommendation. I look forward to working with them again.

Gantt Edmiston

Angier North Carolina pharmacist helps Buies Creek woman get on the right medication for h

Working with Dr. Melissa Turner was a great experience. The information I received from the test was very helpful. I actually learned even more Than I thought I would. I received valuable information that I can discuss with my Doctors about my current medications. Melissa was very easy to work with. She was thorough explaining the results and made me feel comfortable while doing so. I would recommend anyone who is on any type of medication to have this test completed.

Lori Eason

Precision Medicine Pharmacist interviews former patient taking multiple medications_edited

Dr. Turner, Tarheel PGx, has provided me with very valuable information regarding the medicines I take and their interactions with my genetic makeup. I am now aware of scenarios that may develop where I need to be especially sure to consult with my physician when choosing the most effective treatment plans for me. Dr. Turner is very knowledgeable, professional and personable. She is prompt in following up and making sure the patient understands the testing process and the outcomes. In addition, as an added benefit, with my permission my test results have been sent to my primary care physician and other specialists from which I receive treatment. I highly recommend both the testing process and Tarheel PGx. A great service at a great price!

Leonard Johnson

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