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Nutrigenomics (NGx) is the study of how a person absorbs, transports, and utilizes nutrients. Using the raw data from your 23andMe® and AncestryDNA® report, we can learn how your genetics affects your nutritional and wellness needs. By using science and medical research, PureGenomics® (the online platform that is used to perform this service) will use your genetic data to give you personalized nutritional and lifestyle recommendations.

Your report will show where action should be considered and where you may have an enhanced benefit. 

The high priority health categories include:

  1. Vitamins, Minerals, and Omega-3s

  2. Detoxificiation

  3. Weight Management

  4. Cardiovascular Health

  5. Gastrointestinal Health

  6. Cognitive Health and Memory

  7. Immune Health

  8. Energy and Fitness

  9. Glucose Metabolism

Nutrigenomic Testing

Book a call to talk with our pharmacist.

How does your DNA affect your nutritional and wellness needs? Do you have variations in your DNA that are contributing to your fatigue and lack of energy? Would changes in your diet or lifestyle help you?


Let's meet to discuss how this genetic test can help you now and in the future. This is a call to determine whether working together will be a good fit for you. You will come away with exactly what your next step should be! Please allow 30 minutes for this phone call.


Book your first session

If NGx testing can help you, you will have the opportunity to book your first of two sessions. This session can be done in person or over Zoom. During the appointment, we will review your Health History Form and talk about what you can expect to learn from a nutrigenomics test and what your need to do next.


If you have already had a DNA test through 23andMe® or AncestryDNA®, you will be added to our PureGenomics® dashboard. You will receive an email from PureGenomics® to activate your account and upload your genetic data. You will also receive a Smart Questionnaire that will ask you a variety of health and wellness questions and it will ask you what your top health objectives are (ex: fatigue, energy, sleep, weight loss, etc.). This questionnaire should take about 10 minutes to complete.


Obtain a DNA Test Kit 

If you have not already had a DNA test, you will need to order one from 23andMe® or AncestryDNA®. The $99 test from either company can be used to create your nutrigenomics report. You can use this link to receive a minimum of 10% off your order from 23andMe® (for new customers only). To purchase from AncestryDNA®, click here


Once your results are ready, please upload to your PureGenomics® account so that your report can be created.


Book your second session

Once your report is ready, you will receive an email to book your second session. This session can be done in-person or over Zoom. We will meet to talk about your results and how they affect your top health objectives. We will discuss how changes in your DNA may be affecting your health and how diet and lifestyle changes can help. Supplement recommendations will also be discussed, as appropriate.

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