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Tarheel PGx Consulting is a healthcare consulting company that helps people to get on the right medications based on their DNA using pharmocogenomics. We can also use your DNA results to help you know what nutrients your body needs utilizing nutrigenomics.


Led by Dr. Melissa Turner, an Independent Consultant Pharmacist, our mission is for you to experience a better life by helping you and your providers make more informed decisions about medications based on your genetic profile. Your genetics not only determine your eye color, skin color and height, but it also determines how your body responds to medications and how it uses vitamins and minerals.


We specialize in providing precision medicine and nutrition management through the use of genetic testing and comprehensive medication management. 

Interested in having Dr. Turner as a speaker or guest at your next event? Click here to check for availability in 2023. 

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By the numbers


Patients have completed a pharmacogenomics (PGx) test

Pharmacogenomics is the study of how variations in a person's DNA could affect the medications they take. From the test results, you will see how your body may respond to over 100 medications. 


Atypical genotypes have been discovered because of a pharmacogenomics (PGx) test

An atypical genotype means that there was a major or moderate gene-drug interaction that impacted the metabolism of a medication. This could also indicate an increased risk of an adverse reaction or decreased efficacy of the medication. 


Nutritional genomic tests have been completed

On July 1, 2022, we launched a new service called nutrigenomics (NGx) which examines how changes in your DNA affect your nutritional and wellness needs.

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